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Our Mutual Covenant

Our Mutual Covenant

Acts 2:41-47 – October 8, 1998

Down in Texas they say that football is a religion. But I ran across something the other day that made me think that the same thing might be true in Chicago. It happened while we were browsing through a shopping mall. I walked into a department store and found a whole area reserved for Chicago […]

We Have Come to Shechem

Joshua 24; Hebrews 13 – December 10, 1989

A few miles north of Jerusalem the remains of an ancient city nestle between two mountains. To get there you take a bus ride out of Jerusalem up into the hill country of Samaria. The road is built over an ancient trade route called the Way of the Diviners’ Oak. After you have traveled about […]

Nitty-Gritty Faith

Hebrews 11 – December 3, 1989

It is a pleasure to salute our young people today. They are the future of this church. And it is a pleasure to have our teenagers share in the morning service. In case you didn’t know, Bruce Smith made the announcements, Elizabeth Morris read the Scripture, and Tom Krumsieg led in prayer. And our ushers […]

What Jesus Would Say to Jim Bakker

Luke 16:1-13 – November 26, 1989

When the history of this turbulent decade is finally written, no doubt a large chapter will be reserved for the strange, sad story of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. It is the story of the rise and fall of one of the great religious empires of modern times. It is a story of how an […]

The Salt and Light Brigade

Matthew 5:13-16 – November 19, 1989

The year was 1970, the tail end of the wild period of modern American history. Dr. E. Stanley Jones, the famous Methodist missionary/author/evangelist, was asked to name the number one problem of the church. He replied quickly that the number one problem was irrelevance. He went on to say that 3/4ths of the opposition to […]

You’ve Been Chosen to Clap and Cheer

Hebrews 10:24-25 – November 12, 1989

How’s your E.Q.? We’re going to find out in just a few moments. But first, just a word about my text—Hebrews 10:24-25. It comes from one of the most fascinating books in the New Testament. There is so much we don’t know about this book. For instance, we don’t know who wrote it or when […]

Raising PG Kids in an X-Rated World

Ephesians 6:4 – November 5, 1989

Art Linkletter was right. Kids do say the darndest things. The other night this scene unfolded at our house. It was 10 P.M. and Joshua and Mark had just returned from the swimming party at Concordia College. Joshua walked in, flopped on the couch and said, “I think Doug and I could be good friends.” […]

Four Ways You Can Serve the Lord

I Thessalonians 5:14 – October 15, 1989

This week I attended a fascinating seminar entitled “How to Handle Criticism, Conflict and Difficult People in the Church.” Somebody heard that I was going and asked if it wasn’t a little early to be going to a seminar like that. That’s true, but this isn’t the first church I’ve pastored. After a while you […]

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